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    Deploy project in jar to another machine


    I have little experience in deploying projects so pardon me if this is an amateur question . I would like to deploy my LS project in jar to another machine.

    The folder hierarchy in LS is as follows:

    - HelloWorld
    • - classes
      - packages
      - xml used for Dependency Injection

    • - lib
      - jar files

    • - adapters.xml

    - project html files

    so the questions are:
    - what are the files that should be in the jar?
    - subsequently, which directory do i deploy the jar file on the other machine?
    - do i have to install the LS server on that machine?

    many thanks!

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    In order to deploy Lightstreamer Server on a different machine,
    you should just clone the whole tree under the Lightstreamer directory,
    which includes the Server code and the custom adapters and pages,
    then possibly make some changes to adapt to the other machine (the license, for instance).

    When you say "deploy my LS project in jar ", what do you mean exactly?
    Are you referring, by analogy, to other popular tools?



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