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    Changing the row BackgroundColor ?

    Hi everybody,

    when i change the row attribute using
    this only changes the background of the string, not all the background of the row.

    For example, if i have a cell that can carry 10 characters, written in it the word "hello", the setRowAttribute will only changes the background underneath the word "hello", but not the background of all the row (underneath the word "hello", and the rest of the cell).

    Is there a way to change the background of all the row ?

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    no there isn't, not directly, the library only changes the background of html elements binded to cell updates, the setRowAttribute is just a shortcut to call the same setAttribute on all the cells of a row involved in an update.

    If you use a "Dyna" table, you receive the dom node that is a clone of the original template as a parameter of the onChangingValues callback, so you can change directly the background color modifying its style.

    For other tables you can exploit the itemNumber that you receive with the onChangingValues to identify the updated row and change the background through the dom.




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