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    For LightStreamer newbie


    I am trying to create a Client-Server application, where I want to push the data from the server to the client. Once I come across the mechanism called LightStreamer I got .
    I am trying creating my application with Light streamer and JAVA (using eclipse) combination. And I am new to this terminology namely Light streamer. By reading the API and the document (Lightstreamer_Paradigm.pdf), I am very sure that, this will help me a lot.
    But I donít know how to connect them? , what code makes it work? Where to write such code?
    I read most of the forum post here and I am not able to get any code sample to answer the basic question like above. So can anybody send me the sample code to connect the Client and server? and how to streaming the data?

    Thank you very much.

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    you may want to start following our hello world tutorials. You can find them listed here:

    Then you can also find some example application source code within our distribution: check the DOCS-SDKs folder, each sdk folder contains its own example(s).

    Let us know if and where you get stuck,

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    Thank you .



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