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    Can I implement this LS server through out my Trade Application?

    I'm using the LS server now to display my stock rates to users. Now it's working fine in this case. Now I have to implement this LS to my trading platform. Trading happened by user login. My system having more than 1000 users as of now. First I need to display rate openly(without login) to users whoever visit my application. And If they logged in means I have to allow them to trade the stock based on their margin availability and their allocated minimum and maximum qty. And also I have to check the condition whether he is having the permission to buy and sell the respected stock name.

    My system flow as like below,
    1) Allow all the users to view my rates. (This is working fine now)
    2) User registration (After register and approved by admin they will allocate the minimum and maximum quantity).
    3)Applying the Buy / Sell permission for all the individual customers.

    Now I have to provide the following things from LS server.
    1.Once the user logged in I have to show the rates and for each individual, I have to serve the Minimum and Maximum quantity of each stock name and having permission to Buy / Sell.
    2.Send user Buy / Sell request to the server with username.
    3.Once the order approved by admin I need to give response to client.

    Can I implement all the above-mentioned points by using the LS server or I can only implement showing the stock rates and for each individual, I need to get needed parameters like available minimum and maximum qty, Buy / Sell enable or disable only by get a request to my server.

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    I'm not sure I understand all your requirements, but it seems to me that they can be reduced to the following functionalities:
    • Request-reply interaction with the Client.
    • Responses which depend on the user identity.

    These behaviors are not directly provided, but can be mapped onto the item-based publish-subscribe interaction.

    For request-reply , our suggestions are provided in this post.

    For user-specific responses, you can define different items, one for each user, to be properly handled by the Data Adapter.
    Obviously, each user must subscribe to its own item, but this can be enforced by the Metadata Adapter.
    In fact, in getItems, you can map client-side item names to Data-Adapter-side item names; for instance, a user U1 can subscribe to "myItem" and getItems will decorate it to become myItemU1 (at the same time, it will prevent any client from subscribing to myItemU1 directly).
    This technique can also be mixed in a request-reply scenario.



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