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    <ERROR> Failure invoked by Data Adapter

    I use lighstreamer with Socket Programming. I put lightstreamer on Windows and it work fine.

    Now we have change server to Linux. Everything is going fine, until I send item with code minus "-", like TMPI-W. Server suddenly stop with Error Warning below :
    21.Apr.10 11:49:46,274 < WARN> Received Remote Server message: '0|S|stock_name|S|TMPI-W|S|last_price|S|2375|S|time|S|11:50:43|S|pct_chan ge|S|0|S|bid_quantity|S|52529|S|bid|S|2350|S|ask|S |2375|S|ask_quantity|S|874|S|min|S|2375|S|max|S|24 25|S|ref_price|S|2386.57|S|open_price|S|2425'
    21.Apr.10 11:49:50,270 <ERROR> Failure invoked by Data Adapter
    com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.RemotingExceptio n: Exception caught while reading from the notify stream: null
    at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.No
    Caused by: java.util.NoSuchElementException
    at java.util.StringTokenizer.nextToken(StringTokenize
    at rProtocol.readUpdateByMap(DataProviderProtocol.jav a:612)
    at rovider.onNotifyReceived( 01)
    at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.No tifyReceiver.onNotifyReceived( 165)
    at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.No
    21.Apr.10 11:49:50,270 <FATAL> Failure in a Data Adapter
    21.Apr.10 11:49:50,270 < INFO> Exiting.....

    We need Item with minus character, is there any setting for solving this problem


    Gani K

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    The message in the reported warning, indeed, has a wrong syntax, but this is because of the initial part, which was supposed to contain a message type, like UD3
    (note that a heading timestamp should have been already consumed before).

    The reported exception occurs 4 seconds later, so it may be related with a different line.

    You can have the Server log the lines it receives by setting the com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote logger at DEBUG level.
    Then, we can check what exactly causes the exception.

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    I Found The Problem

    I found the problem, it seem there is some line with no value in messaging format. Like "||", it should be "|withvalue|".

    In Windows 2003 it work fine, but in Linux Debian this is a problem, but I handle this with code inside socket sending application.


    Gani K



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