I ported the Java Messenger demo Data- and MetaDataAdapters to a .NET version. When I subscribe to the Adapters my buddylist is updated correctly on all subscribed sessions.
However, when I try to send a new message to one of the subscribed buddies the lightstreamer server console gives me a very weird error.

20.apr.10 12:12:48,986 < INFO> Sending message to session: S300999a1064e47b0T120
6726 from
20.apr.10 12:12:48,987 <ERROR> Got exception for new message Messages[1] in session
S300999a1064e47b0T1206726: Session error: Unsupported function

Can you please provide me with some insights on how to resolve this error, or where to look for the solution.
Because right now I really don’t know where to look anymore. I even tried to add the Console.WriteLine on every method
In my MetaDataProvider, but after the web client calls engineref.sendMessage() the MetaDataAdapter .NET method “NotifyUserMessage()” never gets called.

Thanks in advance