i have really serious problem with message pushing. The problem is that my server pushes funds updates when the user win. These funds updates may happen a lot at the same time or over 1-2 seconds, it depends on how many bets the user has done. The problem is that not all of the funds update push messages go to the client's browser(all are received in LS server and smartUpdate is called for each). So LS seems to filter them in some way even if i set mode RAW there was no change. I also tried (in MERGE&RAW):

nonVisualTable.setRequestedMaxFrequency('unfiltere d'); nonVisualTable.setRequestedBufferSize('15');

Please help me this is really important. Is it possible to set the above settings only for specific item not for the whole table?

P.S. If i does matter i do not use snapshots:listener.smartUpdate(handle, map, false);
I also tried RAW mode with the default RequestedMaxFreq and RequestedBufferSize, but still no effect.