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    Exception in metadataAdapter

    some time I am facing following exception on closing client by killing client in metadataAdapter
    Exception in thread "TIMER FOR PUMPS PARKING DESTROYER" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at com.iontrading.lightstreamer.dataadapter.MixedMeta dataAdapter.notifySessionClose(MixedMetadataAdapte

    and i think because of this exception I am not getting unsubscription call at dataAdapter

    Please let me know the reason of this exception
    Pradeep Kr Chahal
    Software Designer
    Expertise in implementing Market Interface, Push technology, Publish-Subscribe Architecture

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    The exception stack information reports a custom class, hence the exception is internal to the Metadata Adapter and occurs during the invocation of the custom notifySessionClose callback, which is outside our scope.

    So, I can't confirm your assumption about unsubscriptions, as the exception occurs after all the housekeeping operations related to session closing have been accomplished.
    An exception occurring at that stage should also not affect further operation by the "TIMER FOR PUMPS PARKING DESTROYER" thread.

    If you notice that unsubscriptions don't occur when you expect them, please collect some log of the subscription lifecycle. It is produced by the "LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions" logger at DEBUG level. Unfortunately, this log is quite huge, as it includes the update events.



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