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    Log data (on server & monitor)

    We pushed the simple hello world app to our public web site to see if LS could handle our anticipated load. I started the server with "./ &", but tons of log data is displayed to the terminal. Is there a way to supress this so it only goes to the log file? Also, while using the monitor, the same data log data was flooding the Activities log. Is there a way to limit or suppress all that data?


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    We provide the script for launching the Server in background with standard output redirection.
    However, you may change our scripts, for instance, to suppress any standard output.
    Note that console output is also configurable in lightstreamer_log_conf.xml, where it is associated to the LSConsole appender.

    About the Monitor, the page already protects itself by setting a bandwidth limit,
    which makes the Server filter events when they come in bursts.
    See the "Scroll Controls" section in the Monitor page.



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