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    Demos available to public

    Is there a way to disable the demos or require credentials to use them? I figured out how to do it with the monitor app, but can't for the other demos (including the page that list the demos).


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    The preinstalled demos consist of pages placed under the pages/demos directory (plus the pages/index.html page) and the Adapter Set placed under adapters/Demo. All of them can be removed.

    You cannot configure LS Server to require credentials to access specific pages, like the demo pages, as you could with a normal Web Server. In fact, LS Server is not to be used as a Web Server other than for testing or demo purpose.
    You can only disable the Web Server functionality as a whole, through the <enable> element within the <web_server> element in the configuration file,
    which is what you are supposed to do in a real deployment scenario.

    On the other hand, you can restrict access to the pushed data related to the demos, as you would do with any application.
    The preinstalled demos are not predisposed for this task, so you have to extend them by directly modifying the code,
    to add username/password submission to the Engine on the pages
    and username/password check on the Metadata Adapter.

    Note that all the preinstalled demos require the same Adapter Set; moreover, they can share the same Engine instance (actually, the code for Engine configuration is also shared, from pages/demos/commons/custom/misc.js).
    Hence, they would also share the authentication.
    Differentiating authentication for different demos would be possible, though more complex.

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    On the same topic, you may want to check out the "PRODUCTION_SECURITY_NOTES.TXT" document in the root folder of your Lightstreamer installation.



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