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    Unhappy Issue with HelloWorld

    Hi I am new to questions is:
    I am using
    <div source="lightstreamer" table="hellotable" item="greetings" field="message">loading...</div>
    <div source="lightstreamer" table="hellotable" item="greetings" field="timestamp">loading...</div>
    <div source="lightstreamer" table="hellotable" item="greetings" field="newitem">loading...</div>
    and in my DataAdaptor I do this:
    Map<String, String > data = new HashMap<String, String >();
    data.put("message", c % 2 == 0 ? "Hello" : "World");
    data.put("timestamp", new Date().toString());
    data.put("newitem", c % 2 == 0 ? "NewItem" : "oldItem");
    listener.smartUpdate(itemHandle, data, false);
    However, only two of the fields show up on the screen? Where is the binding between the fields and the subscription? how do you add new fields?
    Thanks in advance,

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    The fields to be requested in the subscription are defined in the table constructor.
    However, if nulls are supplied, as in the HelloWorld example
    var pushtable = new OverwriteTable(null, null, "MERGE");
    the library looks for the fields reported in the available cells when addTable is invoked.
    So, we can't explain why your new field is not managed.
    Can you confirm that you didn't change the line above?

    To shed more light, please show us the Server log, after setting the priority of the LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions category as DEBUG.



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