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    LS load balancing Option 1.A.2 questions?

    I have 2 questions
    1)Do the re-session and re-subscribing to LS 2(i mean the items for wich the client has been subscribed on LS 1) is handled by the LS server when LS 1 get down?
    2)Do the clients subscribed to LS 1 receive all messages from LS 2 which have been comming during LS 1 get down and all these clients resubscribe to LS 2.

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    1) The resubscriptions are handled by the Lightstreamer Clients. For some client libraries (Ajax and Flex) the resubscription is completely automatic.

    2) Usually this happens through the "snapshot". Server 2 will send the initial snapshot to the new clients (received in turn by the Data Adapter, if the item itself is new). For some subscription modes (DISTINCT and COMMAND) the snapshot encompasses the history of the item too, thus receiving any hole that could happen during the server transition.



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