I need to do fail over mechanisam of LS servers.
I read the clustering.pdf doc, but i am not very sure that i want to run the ls servers in cluster, because the application will server about 500k users in the feature.
Firstly it will be shown for 25k users and we have setup 2 LS servers.
We intend to add for every new 25k users 2 additional servers, but they will not work with the other pairs i.e. every server will have 1 fail over
LS A1 LS A2 | LS B1 LS B2
master -> slave | master -> slave
slave <- master | slave <- master ..............
I want to ask if it is better to implement my own custom fail over as follows:
Initialize the ls client with main host and failover hosts, if the main is down( i.e. the client call create_session.js and it fails - how this can be detect?) and then fail over to the next host(may be until the main host is up, notify its fail over LS servers and i can send message to the client to reconnect to its main LS Server). This is without sharing any sessions on the cluster as far as i understand the doc?
Or the original approach to use clustering of LS servers?