we are switching to ARI. On Lightstreamer side we use RobustNetworkedDataProvider and on application side we have implemented counterpart adapters/provides. COMMAND mode is used to push data.
When connection between Lightstremer and application server breaks (e.g. due to application restart), LS correctly reloads new NetworkedDataProvider and waits on ports.
Newly created NetworkedDataProvider is loaded with "state" of old (shut down) provider. When application connects to LS, new provider sends all subscribe requests. Application sends all "active" command records (ADD) and we get warning for each ADD: "Item already contains the key xxx.".

Problem is that remote data provider does not know which items is cached in LS when it starts. Hence, it cannot issue DELETE commands to delete old data. Another (minor) problem is these warnings.

I'd like RobustNetworkedDataProvider not to reload newly created NetworkedDataProvider with state of its predecessor, rather to start it as if LS server was restarted. That would create short break in data feed on client side but since that happens rarely it is acceptable.
Is there some configuration parameter so that RobustNetworkedDataProvider behaves this way? I tried setting events_recovery to both leave_hole and use_snapshot with no difference.

Zoran Perak