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Thread: Item vs Field

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    Lightbulb Item vs Field

    we are starting to use LS and we have some questions.

    Logically, we are using LS infrastructure because we have a realtime application, strongly based on all system performances.

    We have a regular update (or LS Event), and in this event we have to change a lot of data. Conceptually this data are divided in many items (there are a list of objects traduced in LS items), but all items have to be modified at the same moment.

    So, talking about system performances, does LS manage in the same mode items and fields? And more clearly: Will be a single item update with a lot of fields faster then many item with few fields?

    Thank you

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    If fields of all items change at the same time, then using a single aggregated item will be more efficient. It might not be faster, unless the Server is under severe stress.

    On the other hand, if you need that the updates for all items reach the client at the same time, then using a single aggregated items is the only choice, as updates for different items are managed independent of one another;
    hence, updates produced in short sequence by the Data Adapter might be sent to the client in different packets.



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