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    How to close Session in LS?

    Hi All,
    I am new to Java and Light Streamer.

    I am using light streamer moderato version. When the user log out from the web page I am not able to close the session in Light Streamer. So if the user login again I am not able to go further. Can you give some guidance for this?

    And also when I close my browser without logout how can I get the event and close the session?

    Ganesh Subbiah

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    you can't close a Lightstreamer session at the moment a client disconnects.
    A Lightstreamer session expires after a timeout after the client disconnection.
    This is done so that sessions does not expire because of a delay on the network during polls or bind requests.
    After such timeout the notifySessionClose method is called on your MetadataProvider

    Note that you can edit the timeout after which a session is considered closed editing the <session_timeout_millis> element in the Lightstreamer configuration file (LS_HOME/conf/lightstreamer_conf.xml)

    Btw I don't understand what do you mean with "I am not able to go further", Lightstreamer itself does not pose any limit on the number of sessions opened by a user, so if your user logs out and then logs in again you can open a new session on Lightstreamer without waiting for the previous session to expire.




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