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    DynaMetapushTable - approaching a specific cell in javascript

    using DynaMetapushTable - Is there any way to approach a specific cell that was automatically created by the table?
    I want to create a table and for each row create a button that when pressed, will activate a javascript code on the specific row - for instance, delete it.
    in order to do that I have to get the ID of the row - how can I do that?
    thank you?

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    through the onChangingValues callback you can obtain the dom node of the updateing row (that is a clone of the template) as it is passed as the second parameter in the call, or, if setPushedHtmlEnabled is set to true, inject your html as the formatted value of one of the field (you could use a client-side field for this purpose with the addField method but note that setPushedHtmlEnabled must be true anyway for the entire table)


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    please also note that you should not remove rows client-side as with a DynaMetapushTable the results in doing so can be unpredictable, so do it at your own risk.
    The correct way to remove a line from a DynaMetapushTable is to send a DELETE command from the server.



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