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    Is there a way to collocate this service within a Web Server (Tomcat)?


    LightStreamer adapter run within the Lightstreamer server, Please correct me if I am wrong.
    Is there a way to collocate this service within a Web Server (Tomcat)?

    I am asking this because I want to know whether we can design a Service Layer that contains the Lightstreamer part or if it is a pre-requirement to have the two layers separated. In other words we want to run Lightstreamer service inside our web server.

    Please let m know if you want further clarification.
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    if you mean using tomcat as a reverse-proxy in front of lightstreamer, the answer is yes but we advice against this approach (actually I don't know if tomcat can be configured as a reverse proxy)

    if you mean deploying Lightstreamer as a servlet, than no, you can't.




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