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    Incremental fields subscription


    After subscribing an item with some fields (assume three fields), Is there a way to subscribe 4th field without unsubscribe and then re-subscribe?
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    sorry but are you talking from a client or from the adapter point of view?

    From the adapter point of view, keep in mind that Lightstreamer kernel never knows how many fields the adapter can provide. Ideally the adapter should always send all the available fields to Lightstreamer kernel, btw you can add a field to the update flow whenever you want.
    Please remember that the adapter's subscribe call for a certain item is issued only when the first client subscribes to that item, and the unsubscribe is called when the last client unsubscribes from it.

    from a client point of view there is no way to change the schema of a table; you have to unsubscribe your table and resubscribe a table with a different schema.




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