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    LS server send multiple data to client based on user group

    I have large size users and grouped with some names like Group-A, Group-B etc. Group created dynamically. Now I'm serving the stock data simple to all users. Now I need to serve data to users based on their group. From client, I can send user group name to server after user logged in. I have to process base data and calculate differences in stock rates based on groups and send final result to respected groups.

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    Hi rvkvino,

    You should leverage the getItems method of Metadata Adapter. Indeed in this method you can customize the Items in order to specialize the data according to the user.

    "Another typical case is when the same Item has different contents depending on the User that is issuing the request. On the Data Adapter side, different Items (one for each User) can be used; nevertheless, on the client side, the same name can be specified in the subscription request and the actual user-related name can be determined and returned here."

    So, matching information about the user you can change the name of the Item to a specific one (please note that the name of the Item is the third parameter, group), your getItems implementation should look like something like this:
    1. check the user and retrieve information of the group to which it belongs;
    2. concatenate the name of the item with th name of the specific group;
    3. return the new Item name.

    Them in the Data Adapter, for every update you should calculate different rates for different user groups and push to Lightstreamer server several updates,




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