We have experienced that the file QuoteStreamJS.js in the lightstreamer client has been marked as malware by Avira AntiVirus in some instances. This ofcourse kills the streaming. Are you aware of this problem?

Lightstreamer Server version 3.5 build 1428.4



HEUR/HTML.Malware is a heuristic detection routine designed to detect common malware scripts in HTML files. Avira AntiVir recognizes unknown malware proactively using its AHeAD technology. To achieve this, Avira performs innovative structural analyzing.

On the basis of the composition of a file, the sequence of significant code sequences or based on particular behavior patterns, the heuristics can determine with a high probability whether it is dealing with harmful or virulent file.

HEUR/HTML.Malware in particular is reported when a HTML or script file, most probabily downloaded to the system while browsing the internet, contains code with suspicious functionality. These functionalities include - but are not limited to - downloading trojans, link to other infected pages, spy the user or spoof the content of a banking site.

In the unlikely occurrence of a false positives we would kindly ask for your help and send the file to our virus lab using the quarantine functionality of AntiVir.

A heuristic detection might be a false identification if one or more of the following are true:
- The site hosting the detected file has been accessed for a very long time and is known to the user
- The detected file is from a trustworthy source

Please note that even trusted sites can be compromised to host malware scripts or have their pages hacked by malware authors.

In order to enhance detection and reduce the rate of false positives we recommend you to send the file to our virus lab for further analysis.

Upload a sample via the form on our website: