Is there a way to query a VisualTable object for the group- or schema-array it handles, i.e. which items and fields are included in the table? I couldn't find any way in the documentation, so I thought I'd just ask here.

As to why I'm asking this - we originally based our implementation of the Lightstreamer JavaScript library within our sites on the supplied demos when we started using Lightstreamer, especially the Stock list Demo, as it came quite close to our use case. In the demo both the fields in the schema and the items in the group are explicitely supplied to the "OverwriteTable" object, and that's the way we've been doing it, too.

Only recently did I notice a little detail in the documentation for the constructor of "OverwritableTable(tGroup, tSchema, tSubscriptionMode)":
Parameter tGroup:
[...] A null value is also allowed. In this case, the names for the items should be supplied by the associated screen tables; hence, item names should be used in the cells as item descriptors. [...]
Parameter tSchema:
[...] A null value is also allowed. In this case, the names for the fields should be supplied by the associated screen tables; hence, field names should be used in the cells as field descriptors. Names starting with a "#" character will be treated as extra fields and not included in the schema. [...]
This implicit setup of the schema and group is used in the Basic Stock List Demo, too.

For us this means that we could just use "null" for both parameters, as the HTML cells exist anyway and are sufficient to define both the schema and the item-group implicitely. This way we could leave out redundant information (schema/group information in both HTML and JavaScript), and simplify the logic for our websites on the server side when we dynamically create HTML cells whose content will be updated by Lightstreamer (no need to remember the schema and items when we build the HTML content).

So I'd really like to use the implicity definition of schemas and groups.. - but there's one rather big catch. If I don't explicitly specify the schema-fields and the group-items I neither have any idea what fields the schema really contains, nor which or how many items are within the table - but this may be information that's essential for some functionality on the website.

Of course the respective itemName and the available fields are available within the "onItemUpdate"- and "onChangingValues"-callbacks, but what if I need to know if a particular item is included in the table even before the first update arrives, because I need to change some JavaScript logic if it is? As long as there's no update for that particular item I don't know that it's there.

Knowing the actual schema of the table could be even more interesting, as otherwise I have no way to know which extra fields have been defined in the HTML cells and can be used via "VisualUpdateInfo.setFormattedValue()".

To make a long story short - it would be great if I could do something like this:

Is this already possible, and I just overlooked the corresponding entry in the documentation? If not, I'd really be interested in your thoughts about this, and why there's no way yet to access this information. The table knows all these details already anyway, so all it'd take would be to add some public interface to access this table-internal information.