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    exception occured in adapter

    i have adapter that has the connection : TcpClient reqrepSocket = new TcpClient(host, reqrepPort);

    sometimes during running the adapter, it gives exception in this line of connection. the exception say that the target machine refuse it.
    what may cause that?

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    I suppose that you are talking about a Remote Server based on the Java Remote Adapter SDK trying to connect to the Proxy Adapter on Lightstreamer Server.
    It is possible that connection attempts are refused, because the Proxy Adapters only listen on their port when needed. After they receive a connection, they stop listening.
    We should check the state of the listening port at the time of the issue on the Proxy Adapter log.
    What versions of the Server and the ARI SDK are you using? This may affect the way the log is produced.

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    lightstreamer version is 5.1.2

    what you mean about ARI SDK?

    and how i resolve this issue?

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    Hi engcoder,

    The ARI is the protocol used for the comunication between Proxy Adapters and Remote Adapters.
    In your case, Lightstreamer server 5.x, you should use 1.4.3 (

    Now back to the issue, we need to ascertain if Dario's hypothesis is correct; ie. the Proxy Adapter is no longer listening because it is already connected, perhaps for an instance of your Remote Adapter abnormally closed.
    Please could you set the log level to DEBUG for this logger com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote in lightstreamer_log_conf.xml

    so, if the problem reappears, we will have more information.




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