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    php data adapter library

    are there any plans on releasing an data adapter library for php without the need of pthreads and zts.
    i think the community needs an more out of the box solution without the need to recompile things and stay outdated
    what am i going to do in my production server? recompile php with zts and pthreads every time a security update comes out?

    the minimal solution is to replace pthreads with


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    Hi paranic,

    the php library included in some demos has only the purpose to show how it is possible to create a Remote Adapter Set by leveraging any language/platform that offers minimal socket support. Moreover, it is not an official Lightstreamer Remote Adapter library, even though we cannot exclude that in near future it will be.

    Thank you very much for reporting the pthreads-polyfill project, which of I was not aware. We will take in consideration that for any possible further development.

    Please let us know if you are going to use our demo php library in some projects, even in production.

    Thanks and Regards,



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