I'm running LS Moderato on a RedHat Enterprise based server.
I've built a multithreaded adapter which has two threads:

1. A thread Contacts a MySQL database using the latest Connector/J Jar every fixed interval , it retreives some data and pushes that data to users if it has been changed.
(I'm using a ConcurrentHashtable to cache results)
2. A Thread that pushes the server's time and date every second

Now, I'm not sure why, and I tried tweaking the code many times and changing the version of the connector /j as well but at certain point
the java binary rises to 150% cpu usage (multi core environment) , and LS becomes unresponsive, any ideas what may cause that (aside from the adapter code, which works without a hiccup under win2k8 environment)

Any known problems whilst using mysql w/ LS under linux?

Thanks beforehand, Max.