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    Tibco pausing with Lightstreamer

    Tibco GI Builder keeps pausing, and we believe this is because it is running the code in the javascript files to initialize lightstreamer.

    When dealing with the visual designer in VS/C# there is a flag that you can check in the code that says "if (DESIGN_MODE)". This allows you to bracket code you do not want executed when using the GUI designer or IDE.

    Is there something similar for Tibco GI? Is there some way to implement the lightstreamer setup without having the GI trying to run it all the time?


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    In our demos, we usually identify the context from the page, by checking the page location.
    For instance, if location.protocol is "file:", then we can assume that the page is being managed by GI builder. In this case, just removing the domain setting (or calling setDomain(null) ) and not calling changeStatus("STREAMING") should be enough to have Lightstreamer code not disturbing GI builder.




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