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    Question Linux Production Settings


    I'm going to deploy a LightStreamer based application to production environment. What settings, configurations should I do on Linux server (Cent OS)?

    Yes I read about PRODUCTION_SECURITY_NOTES.txt file but what other configurations like;
    - Operating system settings
    - JVM Settings
    - OS limitations etc.

    Please tell me your suggestions..

    Also I'm going to deploy it on a server which has 1GB ram. How much concurrent users would I get maximum? Whats your estimation?


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    For normal scenarios, no specific OS configuration is needed. Just install Java SE 6 SDK and tune the Lightstreamer script files as explained in the comments.

    As for the maximum number of concurrent users, this depends on several variables, including the overall throughput you are going to reach, more than the actual number of users. Furthermore, the CPU could become a bottleneck before the RAM, depending on your specific application.

    Basically, you should do your own simulations and forecasts to be confident with the capacity planning.



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