Using the Moderato version, we are testing the push cabilities of Lightstreamer.

We are using one data adapter. The data adapter is pushing out 8000+ pieces of data seperately at client startup.

However, the clients only recieve 1,000 - 2,000 pieces of data.

It looks like Lighstreamer receives the first piece of data to send and pushes it out. It then keeps receiving data to send but waits for the one second limit that is in the Moderato version of Lightstreamer. By the time it can send out data, there is a large chunk to push. Most of this data is not getting to the client.

We initially ran this with ~700 pieces of data, and they all got to the client.

Is there a limit to Lightstreamer's buffer? Any limits from the Moderato version in this regard?

Additionally, when we bring up a second client with that same subscription (8000+ pieces of data), most of the time the client only receives 999 pieces of data. Occasionally it gets over 1,000. I believe Lightstreamer uses some kind of buffering/paging to keep this subscription data handy, so why is this new client with the same subscription getting less data?