I have an application that adds a few tables in a pushPage.
The page has several tabs in it and when I want to switch to a different tab I press the tab button and it does the switch.
for some reason, only in IE, when I change the tab my tables seems to unsubscribe (I can see the unsubscriptions happening in the lightstreamer server).
When looking in the dynamic HTML I noticed that the iframe that takes care of the LightStreamer disappears when I change the tabs.
The code behind the tab changing is simply setting the display style to 'none' on the tab that was left and to 'block' on the tab that was entered.
I checked it on IE8.

Anybody knows what might be the problem?

After checking a little more I realized that the engine is lost for some reason.
more than that, I saw that it doesn't matter what I do in the javascript, even if I only call javascript:void(0) for some reason the engine is lost.
As I said before it happens only in IE.

I would appreciate any help...

Thank you.