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    Streaming system is disconnected

    Hi ,
    We are using Web client API version 4.2.2 build number 1329.9
    Some of our clients are complaying that sometimes they are not getting updates from lightstreamer.
    What they see in IE6 status bar is "Streaming system is disconnected".
    What could cause this? Is this a connectivity issue ?

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    You are using a pretty old version of the Web client API, which has undergone several fixes in the meanwhile. I suggest you to upgrade to the latest available version, before doing further analysis.

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    usually "Streaming system is disconnected" means that the connection with the server is lost but since the default handler of the onStatusChange callback resides in the engine itself could also mean that the engine was lost. To a deeper understanding of the situation you could implement your own onStatusChange callback and/or implement the onEngineLost.
    [little bit OT]
    Please also note that since only few browsers (and sometimes only under certain conditions) accept to modifiy the status bar, a custom implementation of the onStatusChange callback is strongly recommended. You can take inspiration (or copy) our way to show the status of the engine in our demos (look at the top-left corner), e.g.: the chat demo
    [/little bit OT]

    If you're able to recognize the complaining users on your server logs we could help you to see what happened to their sessions.



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