I have encountered a problem while I was doing some browser compatibility tests. It seems LS client is not able to connect to server when browser is IE6 or IE7. IE8 and all the other Firefox versions works OK.

My web application is basically a Js application consists of a single page and at the moment I am retrieveing domain, LSHost and port information from my web.config and render the page accordingly with LS Js implementation setting using these values rendered to page as in the below.

pushPage.context.setDomain(<server domin value coming from web.config>);
lsEngine.connection.setLSHost(<server domain value coming from web.config>);

(LS and my web application are deployed on the same server now so these two value are same)

lsEngine.connection.setLSPort(<port value coming from web.config>);

This might not be the best approach for setting these values but I guess It should work with IE6 and IE7 as it works with other browsers.

The error I am getting is a "permission denied" error on an initial request to lsengine.html file.

I have checked other posts (including known browser issues) and re-read the documentation for setting these values but I couldn't find a solution. Most of the issues are related to having different domain names for web server and LS server but at the moment they are same server for our application.

Any help would be much appreciated.