can somebody please explain what is exactly the difference between loadEngine and loadEngineMinimal.

What I understood so far:
loadEngine: I must point the method to lsengine.html with a config file where I set all the settings for the Engine (domain, host, port, dataadapter). The engine starts connected.

loadEngineMinimal: I point to the lsengine.html and with the method onEngineReady I set domain, host, port, dataadapter for the engine I started. The only difference is that I have to connect to the stream with lsEng.changeStatus("STREAMING") myself

Ok, when does loadEngineMinimal make sense and when does loadEngine?
Does loadEngineMinimal need lees memory / cpu!?
Why does the dojo-demo use loadEngineMinimal and not loadEngine? Would the demo not work with loadEngine?