We have recently downloaded Lightstreamer Moderato and have followed the installation instructions as well as setting up a couple of the demos.

This works fine using lightstreamer, however when we publish the app using IIS the demo page is displayed, but no data. There is an error ( ...ER setDomain The set is inconsistent with the hostname used").The status remains "Waiting for Engine", rather than "Streaming (Master)"

Our instrastructure require that both LightStreamer and IIS reside on the same server. What configuration changes need to occur in order for this requirement to be implemented successfully?

I see in the FAQ that there are notes about having both IIS and LightStreamer on a single server and using port 80. We have configured the conf file to use port 8080 for lightstreamer, but are still having problems. The conf file also has the domain and hostname configured correctly. The FAQ also mentions virtualization. Is this necessasy or can lightstreamer be configured to use a different port than port 80?