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    The most suitable LS .NET-client version?

    Hi there!

    Could you help me with the following question: according to the Lightstreamer's logs our LS-server version is "5.1.1 build 1623.2 (Lightstreamer Push Server - Vivace edition", what is the most suitable (stable and contemporary) version of .NET-client we can use with this server? At the moment we're using LS .NET-client 2.1.1 build 1013 (Released on 10 May 2016).

    Thank you.

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    Hi PowerUser,

    I can confirm that .NET client 2.1.1 is the highest available for a 5.x server.
    The new .NET PCL (Portable Class Library) 3.0.0 requires server 6.1.

    That said, please let me stress that Ligtstreamer server 5.1.1 is a very old version and out of support since some time. The update to a newer version (6.1 or 7.0) is highly recommended to to take full advantage of all the bug fixes and enhancements introduced in these years of development.




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