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    let me ask you something...
    In a stockmarket company (broker) have 5 clients and each client wants to see diferent information in their pages.
    For exemple:
    - client "A" wants to see information from the company "W" and "X".
    - client "B" wants to see information from the company "X" and "Y".
    - client "C" wants to see information from the company "V", "W" and "Y".
    - etc.
    in a max range of 3 companys per page.

    This information of wich companys my clients wants to view is stored in a database that have my client's ids and company's ids.

    How can i show diferent information to diferents clients?
    Is there any way to notify LS when a client start receving data that this connection belongs to client A or B?

    Did you understand wich is my doubt?


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    Hi Rafael

    The clients can identify themselves through the user credentials, by calling
    setUserName and setPassword.

    This information (the user name in particular) is then made available to the getItems method in the Metadata Adapter, which can transform generic "item groups" requests issued by the clients into specific item requests on a user basis.
    This is not supported by the default Metadata Adapter and requires that you implement you own Metadata Adapter code.

    Note, however, that if different clients also need to see pages of different shape (i.e. with a different number of tables shown), then some client side elaboration is needed and this is not provided by Lightstreamer Web Client Library.




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