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    Lightstreamer will not start unattended

    I have created a .NET data adapter based upon the helloworld example, and have added the adapter.xml and lib folder as specified.

    When I start LS using the "start ls as application.bat" the startup hangs at the point
    waiting for connection on port 6661...
    waiting for connection on port 6662...

    It will only continue from this point if i manually run the csharp_adapter.exe file in the adapters folder.

    Is this normal behaviour or what do I need to do to make my .NET adapter behave like the java adapters that don't halt the LS startup?????

    After i have run the csharp_adapter.exe the adapter seems to work properly.

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    The Adapter Remoting Infrastructure assumes a scenario in which the Remote Server running the Remote Adapter is a totally independent process and may run on a different machine. Hence, it is not launched by the Server.

    I confirm that the Server startup is delayed until all the Remote Adapters have been found.
    However, by using a "Robust Proxy Data Adapter", you can overcome this limitation
    (see DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_remoting_infrastructure\conf\sock ets(robust) in the distribution package).
    In this case, if a Remote Data Adapter is missing, it is treated as an existing Data Adapter which provides no updates at all. This must be compatible with your front-end behavior.

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    Thanks Dario will have a look into it



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