We've upgraded from the Moderato edition to the Vivace edition in order to see how it will handle with unlimited updates. We've been using Moderato for months. Unfortunately, we're not seeing the updates happen; still only about 1 update per second and very high data loss. We've verified that the data is leaving our pipe to LS & LS is not throwing any exceptions such as malformed data. We're doing a very simple console.log(....) to output updates sent to browser as a test case.

We have the lightstreamer_conf.xml setup correctly for the version:

logs/Lightstreamer.log:27-Oct-09 09:03:10,056 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init |main |Lightstreamer Server starting in Vivace edition

We're using the Data/Metadata API.

What might we be doing wrong? What more information can I supply to help diagnose the problem?


Erik Osterman