hi all, me again now i have a little problem
well, i developed a small application that connect with the database, for now the connection parameters are static, but i try to read this parameters from a txt file


when i try to read this values i can't connect to the DB.
the db.txt and java classes are in the same folder. to open the file i do this:

File f = new File("db.txt");
brInput = new BufferedReader( new FileReader( f ) );
line = brInput.readLine().trim();
//i load the variables here

when compiled an execute this code from eclipse all works fine, but when i put the complile classes into lightstreamer server nothing happneds.
so, to see where the problem occurs i try to trace the compiled classes.
i try to put log4j into mi class, and again, all works fine on eclipse or command line, but when i put the compiled class into lightstreamer server nothing happends.

i think the problem is to open the file db.txt or open de file log4j.properties (to trace the class)

how can i solve this???

see you.