ScreenTableHelper is a helper class that can be used in order to relieve the framework from searching throughout the page DOM for the HTML cells that make up a screen table.

An online example showing the use of ScreenTableHelper id the Simple Grid Demo.

In general, when a data table is brought to "running" state through PushPage.addTable(), the screen table to be used to display its values is also determined, based on the supplied id. This requires a search throughout the page DOM for all the HTML cells that declare the specified id as their screen table id. This search operation may be inefficient. If, however, a ScreenTableHelper instance for the specified screen table id has been created, populated and notified through PushPage.addScreenTableHelper(), then the cell pointers provided to this helper are used and no search is performed.
Hence, using helper objects is recommended when a huge number of PushPage.addTable() calls is performed and populating the helper objects can be made in an efficient way.