I have some questions about my LS integration.
Here is my case:
I receive string messages in given format (stock ticks) over TCP process running in jboss. From there i send the messages to JMS topic(like the ls jms demo). The messages are send to my LS adapter and subscribed clients receive the messages(ticks) for real time pricing that is calculated on the client with gwt code. The message coming from the tcp are for N stock markets. So if i have 20 markets and 20 tick per second for market i send 20*20 messages to the LS adapter(the market count and messages per second are varaibles but let say 20 and 10 are the defaults). I send all the messages to the adapter using jms topic. The client can subscribe for one market at a time. So one client will receive 20 messages max.
What i'm asking is is:
1) Is it bad idea to send all messages to the adapter with jms topic? Is it possible to overflow the topic? Should i implement some custom logic to filter the messages amount before sending them to the adapter or LS can handle this? It also depends with the topic!
2) It possible programmatically to control the messages sent to the client?