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    Add dynamic data in Server and update it to Client

    I want to ask one question about use LS in my project. My problem is:
    In my system,when customer can order and sell the securities on website , broker can be see that orders intermediately in broker scenes (real-time).
    As the same, when database insert new records, client can be show it in List intermediately
    I don't know to do that use LS. Please provider me some advice in this situation.

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    you can certainly use Lightstreamer to reach your goals, but you can't use Lightstreamer as is. You have to implement your adapter that fetches the data from your DB/front-end and injects them into the Lightstreamer kernel.

    You should start reading the GETTING_STARTED.TXT and DOCS-SDKs/General Concepts.pdf files available in Lightstreamer distribution for a better understanding of the software.




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