I have put the Lightstreamer server to my production server to perform a Live testing and I have discovered an issue which is related to the processing speed.

After gone through few days of testing and observation (with Lightstreamer impemented), our team discovered that by using form POST method to redirecting to another page takes up more processing time. For example, when user logging in, redirecting user to a log-ined page takes very long time, even time out.

Later on after we changed to form GET method, the situation turns better. We are not sure where is the problem came from and whether is it caused by the Lighstreamer server. But this problem happened after Lightstreamer has implemented on our production server.

We are wondering does Lightstreamer takes up more bandwidth when maintaining session with the web client? Does anyone experience this issue before?

Currently the Lightstreamer server is located in the same machine with our web server due to the domain name issue. we try to assign a sub domain to the Lightstreamer server but we get a permission denied message when the web client trying to establish a connection to the Lightstreamer server that on another machine (e.g: web domain: www.abc.com; Lightstreamer server: push.abc.com).

Any comment will be appreciated. Thanks.