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    LightStreamer and Nagios

    So, I'm aware the lightstreamer has a monitoring dashboard, which is very cool, but it isn't very practical unless you have somebody who is sitting there watching it. Is there any way to get that same information from the cli of the server so it could be passed on to nagios? (and generate alerts if necessary?)

    I see: Sessions, Connections, Devices, data rates, JVM Memory Heap, and JVM Threads. If I knew the commands to get this information from the cli, writing the nagios plugin would be easy.


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    Hi beeg98,

    Please note that the "Monitoring Dashboard" is the factory HTML client that shows statistics provided by the internal Monitor Adapter. Please refer to section 4.2.1 "An Internal Data Adapter: The Monitoring Data Adapter" of General Concepts documentation for further details.
    That said, you can consume this information in other modes. The most suitable for integration with third-party monitoring systems are:

    1. LightstreamerMonitorText and LightstreamerMonitorTAB loggers. LightstreamerMonitorText logs statistics with a human-readable syntax and LightstreamerMonitorTAB logs with a CSV syntax. The frequency of the samples produced by the internal monitoring system is based on the level specified for each logger; in particular:
      • at TRACE level, all samples are logged (suggested);
      • at DEBUG level, one sample out of 10 is logged;
      • at INFO level, one sample out of 60 is logged;
      • at a higher level, no log is produced.

      This is indicated for historical analyzes, for example you could redirect the LightstreamerMonitorTAB logger to a dedicated daily-rolling file.

    2. JMX API interface (optional feature) - Exposes the most complete set of information and can be consulted via a specific tab in "Monitoring Dashboard". But was designed primarily to be integrated with custom or 3rd party monitoring systems (JMXMP or RMI protocol). Please refer to:

    Please let us know if you need any further clarifications.


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    Giuseppe, thanks for detailed responce



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