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    "Illegal command UPDATE in snapshot ignored for key x"

    Hi LS team,
    I use a DynaMetaPush table. Sometimes when I send an update I got the message mentioned above which caused the updated that I send didn't show in the client browser.

    What cause this situation ? And How to handle it ? (prevent it I guess)

    Thank you in advance..

    best regards,Dyan

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    If the reported message is issued, the "isSnapshot" flag must have been set to true on the "update" or "smartUpdate" call,
    which is not allowed for an UPDATE (or DELETE) event;
    This is a check that you can put before the call, so as to force false in these cases.

    Note that the first call with "isSnapshot" set to false terminates the snapshot;
    subsequent calls with with "isSnapshot" set to true are managed as real-time updates.



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