i successfully integrated ls with gwt in j2ee using jms mom. I have some problems and questions.
I'm using a modified version of the jms example (jms stocks demo) and the LiteralBasedMetaDataAdapter. In my jboss i defined 2 topics and 2 queues, that are working. I have 2 data adapters that extend the one that uses jms, but when i start the ls server and run 2 clients (one for every adapter) only the first adapter sends data to the client. I tested the adapters separately and they work. I debuged and i saw that for some reason i am entering here:
		if (lastHeartbeatRandom == -1) {
That means that no message is send to the data generator for subscription.

The other more important:
I will use ls in two ways:
I) To supply my webside with general data visible for all users i.e. 10 stock markets.
II) To supply concrete user with data specific only for him i.e. his money balance or open positions.
So is it possible to send user specific data i.e. When user logs in in my web site, he must see data specific only for him, for example his open positions. How to secure that no one could access the data stream (specific for user) on ls level? How would the
adapter know that client A, but not client B has opened his browser.