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    Julia client for Lighstreamer [startup intiative].

    Hi. I would like to open this thread to start collaboration with Lightstreamer client creators that would like to create a client in a language they have not used or used very limited. I am about to start programming in Julia and it seems that the language is created with mainly science in mind. Both Matlab and R are 2 products that have a much broader audience and big package community.

    Julia however, seems to be the candidate within these 3 tools to be closest to C without limited "walls" in between the languages (Julia and C). The lack of certain packages might lead to a big challenge and reduce the development speed. Let me know if you would like to contribute. Of course, this thread might move to a package on GitHub.

    Purpose to start here is to see if there persons interested and to discuss the very early steps. To finalize, all these 3 above mention tools are none of them faster than C/C++/C# but they are and will be good platforms for development in terms to machine learning and AI. Care to contribute?
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