The Web Client JS documentation states:

"If a page is a Master Push-Page or contains a Master Push-Page, then it cannot be used as a link target or referred to in a "" command, because, even in case the link is meant to preserve the page (i.e. to access it without replacing it, as in "myPage.html#position") this would cause some browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) to stop the Push-frame connection."

Is this still true? Does this mean that the master page itself can't change its own hash string (e.g. by linking to #position, or setting window.location.hash)? I've tried it in Safari 3, IE8, and FF3, and it doesn't seem to affect the connection, but maybe there are some cases where it does.

If it is true, at least on some browsers, does anyone have any suggestions on working around this? My page will be open for a long time, and I'd like to be able to use the hash string to manage the browser's history and make pages bookmarkable. This is done in several JavaScript libraries, like YUI.