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    Firefox 1.0 - --> window.setTimeout()

    Older versions of Firefox are affected by a bug that makes the window.setTimeout() function go grazy periodically.

    See Bug 318419 at

    This bug prevents real-time systems, like Lightstreamer, to work reliably over long periods. The bug has been fixed starting from version of Firefox.

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    It is impossible to prepare a workaround for this issue. So we have introduced in the Web Client a feature that will detect when the issue arises and then disconnects the client and prompts with an alert. This will allow users using "broken" browsers to reload the page in order to return to correct functionality (or better advise them to upgrade the browser )

    The feature has been introduced since version 4.1 build 1254 (check the changelog in the distribution)

    The prompted message is the following:
    It has been detected that the JavaScript engine of this browser is not respecting the timeouts in setTimeout method calls. The Client has been disconnected from the Server in order to avoid reconnection loops. To try again, just refresh the page.



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