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    Problem using SHARE_SESSION with multiple embedded IE instances

    IE 7 (or 8) **embedded using MFC control**
    Lightstreamer connection using SHARE_SESSION

    Expected result:
    Opening two instances of a page (from the same host application process) should allow the Lightstreamer connection to be shared between the two windows.

    Actual result:
    Opening one instance of the page correctly connects to Lightstreamer
    Attempting to open a second instance of the page produces
    - a blank popup window containing the following
    javascript:eval("var callFun = function(LS_Ulx,LS_fMx){if({if(window==top&&!(window.LS_sOi&&window.LS_sOi.LS_NPS)){;window.close();}}}; callFun('LS__ft_com_613_FTLightstreamerEngine', 'LS__ft_com_613_FTLightstreamerEngine__TRASH');; ")
    - a dialog box prompting to close the window.
    - after dismissing the dialog box, another dialog box pop up saying "ER bind Unable to find the Engine..."

    Note that the same implementation works as expected if run from standalone IE using
    two windows / tabs from the same IE process.

    Can you shed any light on this matter? Is Lightstreamer able to successfully share sessions when using multiple instances of an embeddeded IE?

    Lightstreamer log output:
    23-Jul-09 16:52:42,584 |WARN |LightstreamerLogger.init         |main                       |A proper Free License was not configured. Server starting in unregistered mode. Get your Free License from
    23-Jul-09 16:52:42,616 |WARN |LightstreamerLogger.init         |main                       |Lightstreamer Server in unregistered mode only supports a 60 minutes lifetime. After that time the Server will be shut down.
    23-Jul-09 16:52:42,616 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |main                       |Lightstreamer Server starting in Moderato edition
    23-Jul-09 16:52:42,866 |WARN |LightstreamerLogger.monitoring   |main                       |JMX management features not available with the current license
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,069 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |main                       |Started HTML Adaptor for JMX on port 6666
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,303 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |main                       |Started JMXMP Connector for JMX on port 9998
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for DEMO              |Loading Metadata Adapter DEMO
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for DEMO.MONITOR      |Loading Data Adapter DEMO.MONITOR
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for LS                |Loading Metadata Adapter LS
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for DEMO.MONITOR      |Finished loading Data Adapter DEMO.MONITOR
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for LS.MONITOR        |Loading Data Adapter LS.MONITOR
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |it for LS.STORY_LOCK_STATUS|Loading Data Adapter LS.STORY_LOCK_STATUS
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |t for DEMO.SIMPLE_MESSENGER|Loading Data Adapter DEMO.SIMPLE_MESSENGER
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         | for DEMO.PORTFOLIO_ADAPTER|Loading Data Adapter DEMO.PORTFOLIO_ADAPTER
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for DEMO.CHAT_ROOM    |Loading Data Adapter DEMO.CHAT_ROOM
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for LS.MONITOR        |Finished loading Data Adapter LS.MONITOR
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,491 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for DEMO.QUOTE_ADAPTER|Loading Data Adapter DEMO.QUOTE_ADAPTER
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,803 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.Portfolio    | for DEMO.PORTFOLIO_ADAPTER|PortfolioDataAdapter ready
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,803 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         | for DEMO.PORTFOLIO_ADAPTER|Finished loading Data Adapter DEMO.PORTFOLIO_ADAPTER
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,803 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for LS                |Finished loading Metadata Adapter LS
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,803 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |it for LS.STORY_LOCK_STATUS|Finished loading Data Adapter LS.STORY_LOCK_STATUS
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,803 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for DEMO.QUOTE_ADAPTER|Finished loading Data Adapter DEMO.QUOTE_ADAPTER
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,803 |INFO |.data.RobustNetworkedDataProvider|Proxy Adapter Loader       |Loading inner Proxy Adapter
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,866 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.ChatAdapter  |Init for DEMO.CHAT_ROOM    |ChatDataAdapter ready
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,866 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for DEMO.CHAT_ROOM    |Finished loading Data Adapter DEMO.CHAT_ROOM
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,866 |INFO |htstreamerLogger.MessengerAdapter|t for DEMO.SIMPLE_MESSENGER|IMDataAdapter ready
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,866 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |t for DEMO.SIMPLE_MESSENGER|Finished loading Data Adapter DEMO.SIMPLE_MESSENGER
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,866 |INFO |reamerLogger.MixedMetadataAdapter|Init for DEMO              |MixedMetadataAdapter ready
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,866 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |Init for DEMO              |Finished loading Metadata Adapter DEMO
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,912 |INFO |.remote.transport.SocketTransport|Proxy Adapter Loader       |Connecting...
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,928 |INFO |.remote.transport.SocketTransport|Notify Socket Connector    |Waiting for a connection on port 7002...
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,928 |INFO |.remote.transport.SocketTransport|uest/Reply Socket Connector|Waiting for a connection on port 7001...
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,944 |WARN |LightstreamerLogger.pump         |main                       |Lightstreamer Server in unregistered mode causes notification alerts 3 times per hour
    23-Jul-09 16:52:43,975 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |main                       |Pump pool size set by default at 2
    23-Jul-09 16:52:44,006 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |main                       |Events pool size set by default at 2
    23-Jul-09 16:52:44,006 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |main                       |Lightstreamer Server 3.5 build 1428.4 starting...
    23-Jul-09 16:52:44,334 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init         |main                       |Server "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" listening to *:8181 ...
    23-Jul-09 16:52:44,366 |INFO |.remote.transport.SocketTransport|uest/Reply Socket Connector|Connected on port 7001
    23-Jul-09 16:52:44,366 |INFO |.remote.transport.SocketTransport|Notify Socket Connector    |Connected on port 7002
    23-Jul-09 16:52:44,366 |INFO |.remote.transport.SocketTransport|Proxy Adapter Loader       |Connected
    23-Jul-09 16:52:44,381 |INFO |.data.RobustNetworkedDataProvider|Proxy Adapter Loader       |Inner Proxy Adapter loaded
    23-Jul-09 16:52:44,397 |INFO |mote.request_reply.NotifyReceiver|#1 Notify Receiver         |Notify receiver '#1' starting...
    23-Jul-09 16:52:44,397 |INFO |emote.request_reply.RequestSender|#1 Request Sender          |Request sender '#1' starting...
    23-Jul-09 16:52:44,397 |INFO |mote.request_reply.NotifyReceiver|#1 Reply Receiver          |Reply receiver '#1' starting...
    23-Jul-09 16:53:03,444 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 2     |Serving request: /lightstreamer/create_session.js?LS_phase=6810& from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:03,569 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 2     |Starting new session: S46982b8fa8c45157T5303522 from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:04,022 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 3     |Serving request: /lightstreamer/control.html?LS_session=S46982b8fa8c45157T5303522&LS_window=2&LS_win_phase=6&LS_op=add&LS_req_phase=70&LS_mode1=MERGE&LS_id1=fbe10ca2-e748-11dd-aef2-0000779fd2ac%2059ddf794-e653-11dd-8e4f-0000779fd2ac%20568890ba-e999-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac%20403c6efe-5676-11de-a9d8-00144fb0a52c%200c122b7a-e99b-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac%2075caf2fe-e680-11dd-8e4f-0000779fd2ac%20d008354e-e999-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac%20020c030a-e999-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac%2059abfa00-e969-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac%205f1ddd94-e961-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac&LS_schema1=uid%20locked_by&LS_data_adapter1=STORY_LOCK_STATUS&LS_snapshot1=true&LS_unique=2 from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:04,037 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 3     |Controlling session: S46982b8fa8c45157T5303522 from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:04,069 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 5     |Serving request: /lightstreamer/STREAMING_IN_PROGRESS?LS_session=S46982b8fa8c45157T5303522&LS_phase=6811& from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:04,116 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 5     |Attaching session: S46982b8fa8c45157T5303522 from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:04,116 |WARN |emote.request_reply.RequestSender|#1 Reply Receiver          |Reply to request preditor-lightstreamer-01.svc.mydomain.com200000122a850826d received too late
    23-Jul-09 16:53:11,287 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 10    |Serving request: /lightstreamer/create_session.js?LS_phase=9802& from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:11,287 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 10    |Starting new session: S29b019979c251163T5311287 from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:11,319 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 1     |Serving request: /lightstreamer/control.html?LS_session=S29b019979c251163T5311287&LS_window=1&LS_win_phase=4&LS_op=add&LS_req_phase=33&LS_mode1=MERGE&LS_id1=fbe10ca2-e748-11dd-aef2-0000779fd2ac%2059ddf794-e653-11dd-8e4f-0000779fd2ac%20568890ba-e999-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac%20403c6efe-5676-11de-a9d8-00144fb0a52c%200c122b7a-e99b-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac%2075caf2fe-e680-11dd-8e4f-0000779fd2ac%20d008354e-e999-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac%20020c030a-e999-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac%2059abfa00-e969-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac%205f1ddd94-e961-11dd-9535-0000779fd2ac&LS_schema1=uid%20locked_by&LS_data_adapter1=STORY_LOCK_STATUS&LS_snapshot1=true&LS_unique=1 from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:11,334 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 1     |Controlling session: S29b019979c251163T5311287 from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:11,334 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 4     |Serving request: /lightstreamer/STREAMING_IN_PROGRESS?LS_session=S29b019979c251163T5311287&LS_phase=9803& from
    23-Jul-09 16:53:11,334 |INFO |LightstreamerLogger.requests     |SERVER POOLED THREAD 4     |Attaching session: S29b019979c251163T5311287 from

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your detailed explanation.

    You probably discovered that it is not possible to share sessions when using multiple instances of an embeddeded IE. We have never tested this scenario. I guess the two intances share the same cookies but are isolated one from each other for what concerns direct communication.

    In this scenario, you should create independent engines, with the NEW_SESSION flag.

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    Thanks for your reply Alessandro, it's unfortunate this doesn't work with Lightstreamer as we have a requirement not to blow the HTTP two-connection limit in IE7 whilst using multiple instances of the browser and were hoping that the way your application allowed shared connections would alleviate this!

    If you are interested, the problem can be replicated by creating a Visual Basic application in about two minutes...

    Create a new Windows Forms Application
    Add two WebBrowser controls to the form
    Add a TextBox and a Button (for entering the url)
    Add the code on the button click:

    Run the application and navigate to a Lightstreamer page.

    I wonder now if there are any properties that can be set on the WebBrowser control to handle this scenario better... any MFC gurus out there?



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    I don't know if it's possible as I've never used MFC, but if you're able to pass the window reference of one browser control to the javascript code of the other one then you could call on the second browser the seekEngine method and solve the problem.



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