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    config auto-reconnect interval

    Is there anyway we can configure the interval of reconnect retry? We terminate the LS session if user credential expires after long time inactivity. But LS automatically tries to reconnect and will be redirected to login page due to invalid credential. This results in thousands hits to our login server. So can we configure the interval to retry? Ideally we like it to try couple times with short interval. If all fails, then we like it to double/triple the interval each time. Is it possible? Thanks

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    If the reconnection fails because of an exception in notifyUser on the Metadata Adapter, then the onServerError callback is invoked in client code with error code 1.
    In this case, there is no automatic reconnection. Any further attempt has to be issued by custom code, through a call to changeStatus.
    Hence, I can't understand in which conditions you experience a sequence of automatic reconnection attempts.

    May you also specify in which way you "terminate the LS session"?
    Normally, the client is not expected to try a reconnection when a session is explicitly interrupted, either on the client or on the server side.



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